Frequently Asked QuestionsΒΆ

Why isn’t the main manatee object called a DataFrame ?
Mostly because you may want to have DataFrame imported from PySpark. Also because using objects named after large marine mammals is fun.
Why are some functions overloaded whilst others are new ?
We try to ensure that any added functionality doesn’t override what you’re used to in PySpark DataFrames. Therefore, methods offering new functionality have new names. Names are chosen to feel something like pandas DataFrames. Any method with the same name as something that already exists in PySpark DataFrames are just redefined to return Manatee objects instead of PySpark DataFrames.
What’s the difference between a dataframe and a DataFrame ?
The dataframe is a fantastic data structure familiar to users of pandas or R. Both of these languages implement a dataframe object, pandas.DataFrame and data.frame respectively. PySpark implements one too : pyspark.sql.dataframe.DataFrame. Manatee inherits from this object, and so provides all of pyspark.sql.dataframe.DataFrame‘s functionality, and more, as the object manatee.manatee.Manatee. In the docs, this is referred to as a Manatee DataFrame. Whenever DataFrame is used, it refers to a specific object or implementation. When you see dataframe, it’s just talking about the generic data structure.
Are these questions really frequently asked ?
No, I just wanted somewhere logical to explain a few things. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to open a Github issue !